Removal of Tori

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Removal of Tori

If you have lost several or all your teeth and are considering dentures, implants, and/or bridges, there are a number of factors we need to consider before making and installing these appliances. Although in most cases, receiving dentures is fairly straight-forward, certain health conditions such as extra bone in your oral cavity can present an obstacle. While many dental practices aren’t equipped to overcome these issues, Dentalmed Associates has oral surgeons skilled in tori removal.

What are Tori?

Tori is the term that refers to excess bone growth in the upper or lower jaws. Tori can result from several causes. Most commonly it is a result of genetics, however, teeth grinding, and misaligned teeth have also been identified as correlating factors.

Why Does Tori Need to be Removed?

In most cases, tori do not grow enough to interfere with basic life functions. However, removing them becomes necessary when placing dental appliances like dentures, implants, or bridges.

Dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth, resting on the soft and hard tissues of the jaws. Tori creates an uneven surface and irregular jaw structure that makes it difficult to adapt dentures. For this reason, tori removal is necessary to complete the procedure.

Benefits of Tori Removal

  • Properly fit your dentures, implants, or bridges

  • Eliminate chronic or acute pain

  • Reduce the risk of other dental anomalies

  • Prevent bone loss of adjacent teeth

Are You Looking for Tori Removal Services?

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