Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

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Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

As medical technology advances, the field of dentistry continues to grow and find new ways to improve existing treatments and recovery methods for the patient. Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGFs) are the latest example of this trend. This new treatment method has unlocked a wide range of benefits that can be used in oral surgery like reducing bleeding and speeding up the recovery process. At Dentalmed Associates we aim to stay at the cutting edge of dental science, and we are excited to offer treatments with Plasma Rich in Growth Factors.

What are Plasma Rich in Growth Factors?

Plasma is one of the most important components in our blood as it contains growth hormones that play a crucial role in the healing process of certain tissues. By separating the plasma from your own blood and activating it with calcium chloride, plasma releases powerful proteins that can promote critical biological processes. This final product is what we call Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF).

What are PRGFs Used For?

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors have been shown to help tissue regenerate much quicker than through natural means. For this reason, we have used them in several types of oral surgery to reduce the amount of bleeding and speed up the healing process of soft tissues and bones.

Benefits of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

  • Uses your own blood so there’s no chance of contracting a disease

  • Reduces the chance of infection

  • Enhances bone and soft tissue growth

  • Reduces bleeding

  • Minimizes inflammation therefore reduces pain

Interested in Treatment Using Plasma Rich in Growth Factors?

Dentalmed Associates aims to stay on top of the latest advancements in dental science to bring all our patients only the best care possible. Give us a call today to learn more!

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