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Tooth extractions fall under the group of dental procedures that sound much scarier than they actually are. Although no one wants to have a tooth removed, sometimes it’s necessary to preserve your overall dental health, prevent an infection from spreading, make room for other teeth to grow, or as a prerequisite for certain dental procedures.  At Dentalmed Associates there’s even less to fear about tooth extractions because we have the skill and innovative equipment to make the procedure swift and painless.

Why are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Tooth extractions are one of the more common and less complicated dental procedures. While simple extractions just require a tooth to be loosened and removed with forceps, surgical extractions require an incision to the gum. There are many reasons why an extraction might become necessary, some of the most common include:

Impacted Tooth

This condition occurs when a tooth is unable to fully grow and push through the gum line and it is usually a result of overcrowding or lack of space in the jawbone. To allow room for the tooth to grow normally extractions are often recommended to free up space.

Severe Decay

If a tooth has been afflicted by a major infection that has progressed too far to be saved, extraction becomes necessary. This is done to prevent the infection from spreading or reaching the bloodstream, the adjacent tooth or bone.

Orthodontic Procedures

In some cases, if your teeth are misaligned but there’s not enough room to effectively implement braces, dentists might recommend a tooth extraction. This creates space for the teeth to be moved to the desired position.

Looking for a Tooth Extraction in Florida?

When you come to Dentalmed Associates, you have nothing to fear. You can look forward to a procedure done with the highest level of skill and care. Call us today to learn more!

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