Exposure and Ligation of Impacted Teeth

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Exposure and Ligation of Impacted Teeth

Many of us take our teeth for granted, we just assume they will grow into their slotted position without an issue. However, it’s pretty common that teeth encounter resistance before they erupt. For these cases, Dentalmed Associates offers exposure and ligation of impacted teeth.

What are Impacted Teeth?

Impacted teeth are unable to push through the gum tissue. This issue occurs if there is not enough space for a new tooth to grow due to crowding or a similar problem.

Aside from strong pain and discomfort, impacted teeth can lead to other serious health issues. If you don’t receive treatment, the area can become easily infected and as the tooth continues to move, it can cause your teeth to become crooked, damage the adjacent tooth or can even cause the development of cysts’ or tumors.

What is Exposure and Ligation?

When a tooth can’t erupt from the gum on its own, this treatment is used to help it along. The procedure consists of opening the gum tissue that covers the impacted tooth to expose the tooth. Next, we will place a bracket on the exposed tooth along with a chain that will be connected to archwires. Over time, the chain will add a pulling force to the tooth to help it come out.

Benefits of Exposure and Ligation

  • Avoid infection

  • Relieve pain

  • Avoid damage to adjacent teeth

  • Bring a tooth to its position

  • Prevent cysts’ or tumors

Are You Looking for Exposure and Ligation Treatment for Impacted Teeth?

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