Dentoalveolar Surgery

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Dentoalveolar Surgery

Advances to dental technology and more reliable information about oral health have made certain procedures and oral surgeries less needed. However, some conditions call for professional intervention to protect the overall health and your smile. For those special circumstances, Dentalmed Associates offers the highest quality of dentoalveolar surgery.

What is Dentoalveolar Surgery?

The term dentoalveolar refers to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth such as the gum and jawbone. Dentoalveolar surgery specifically focuses on correcting or alleviating oral issues that emanate from the gum, teeth, jawbone, and other structure at or below the gum line.

Do I Need Dentoalveolar Surgery?

This type of surgery becomes necessary when there are certain conditions that cannot be remedied with less intrusive procedures. Some of the most common reasons people need dentoalveolar surgery include:

Exposed Roots and Gum Recession

If you don’t have enough gum tissue to cover the roots of your teeth or have suffered from a medical condition that causes your gums to recede, your dentist might suggest a soft tissue graft. This involves using either your own tissue or a commercially available alternative to recreate the missing gum.

Impacted Tooth

Sometimes dental crowding makes it extremely difficult for teeth to push through the gum line. This can lead to misalignment of the teeth. Dentoalveolar surgery can be used in these scenarios to remove a tooth and create space to avoid more serious problems.

Cyst or Tumors

Abnormal growths in the soft tissues of the mouth are often referred to a dentoalveolar surgeon. Depending on the severity of the growth, part of the gum or jawbone might need to be treated.

Think You Need Dentoalveolar Surgery?

The prospect of surgery can be understandably scary as it is a sensitive procedure. Don’t leave your oral health up to chance. Trust the skilled and proven hands of our Dentalmed Associate experts. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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