3-D Imaging
(Cone Beam CT Scan)

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3-D Imaging (Cone Beam CT Scan)

Advancements in technology have made dentistry more accurate and treatments substantially more effective. This is especially true with imaging technology as it has opened the door for better detection of dental problems. Dentalmed Associates has always been committed to using the best technology, the standard of care, to bring our patients the best treatment and our use of 3D dental imaging is another example of that.

What is Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) or 3D Imaging?

CBCT is a form of X-ray that uses a cone-shaped beam to create three-dimensional images of the teeth and surrounding structures. This system forms images in real-time which are rendered directly onto a computer screen.

3D imaging allows for higher fidelity and resolution that could not be obtained from traditional X-rays. This means we are able to provide a more accurate diagnosis and identify certain dental health issues that would otherwise go unseen.

What is 3D Imaging (CBCT) Scans Used for?

As you can imagine, advanced imaging has found a wide range of applications. For example, implants and extractions have become much easier to plan as we can get a highly accurate image of the treatment area. More complicated surgical procedures like maxillofacial and endodontic surgery have also benefited as we are able to receive precise measurements of root canals and features of the jaw.

Benefits of 3D Imaging and CBCT

  • Multiple angles of the same image

  • More accurate than traditional methods

  • Cheaper than traditional CT scans

  • Able to treatment plan complex cases with confidence

  • Ability to see anatomical agents (nerve, sinuses, defects of bone, etc.)

Are You Interested in Dental Care with 3D Imaging and Cone Beam CT Scans?

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