All-On-4 (Teeth in a day)


It is now more possible than ever to give you the Dream smile you are looking for with just four or more implants placed in strategic position in your jaw. This is possible due to new advances in implant dentistry. A very common thing among our aging population is to lose some or all their dentition. So common that millions of Americans and patients from other parts of the world have lost all their teeth. A great majority of this patients are looking to replace their missing teeth with dental implants, but most of them are looking to do it with the ALL ON FOUR BRIDGE. DENTALMED Associates has always excel in dental implant related procedures and specializes on ALL ON FOUR HYBRID BRIDGE.


The All on four bridge is a screw retained prosthesis that is supported by 4 or more dental implants and in actuality replaces 12 upper teeth and 12 lower teeth (first molar to first molar). This bridge is very functional as it feels like your own teeth. This solution does not cover your palate (roof of your mouth), it provides you with a comfortable implant supported hybrid denture that supports your lips, but most of all gives you the confidence of eating and socializing with your friends and family without worrying that it will come out.

Eating what you consider your regular diet is completely possible and does not require any effort.

Why consider the All On Four Treatment?

1. It is done in one day by an specialist in the field of Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics.
2. This technique replaces most of your teeth
3. It truly feels and functions like your own teeth
4. You don’t need to worry, it won’t come out!!, no more glue!!
5. You can eat anything you want.
6. It is the treatment that gives you the best solution for the money.

Why the option of All On Four Implants?

If you are looking for a permanent solution to replace your missing teeth, dental implants provide you with most natural and functional look and feel. This option gives you the smile you are looking for, it gives you the freedom of eating anything you like with the confidence and comfort you always wanted. They don’t come out and are made of very durable tough materials (zirconia, porcelain) that can withstand any eating habit, but best of all they do not retain odors as acrylic dentures do.

Evaluating your Oral Health for an All On Four

We at DENTALMED Associates will perform a full mouth evaluation as well as a complete medical history in the initial visit. We will also take a 3D image (CBCT, cone beam ct. scan) to determine the best implant treatment for your particular needs.

We recommend the All On Four Technique as this provides you with the DREAM SMILE you are looking for! A smile that does not use any glues, does not cover your palate and will allow you to enjoy your food, friends and family to the fullest without the hazels of a removable denture.

Come in for a consultation, at DENTALMED Associates we want to give you “your Dream Smile”. Dr. Federico Diez and Dr. Juan C. Arroyo want to give you the best treatment possible, in an atmosphere of complete relaxation, a treatment your mouth deserves.

All On Four Dental Implants

By now everybody knows that implants are a permanent solution, that you don’t have to use glue to keep a denture in place, that you don’t have to remove them at night and put them in a cup of water or even worry about them coming out if you are blowing out candles or if a wave hits you while on vacation. If you suffer from sleep apnea you want to have an implant supported All On Four Bridge to support yours jaws better at night.

Tasting your food is now possible because they don’t cover your palate. The ability to chew your food is not affected, because they are permanently fixed to implants, so no more sudden pinching of your gums, tongue, lips or cheeks as your dentures move around or if food gets trapped under the dentures, OUCH!!

The implants placed will last you for the rest of your life if properly maintained. With a DENTALMED ALL ON FOUR BRIDGE you can eat without feeling anxious about it coming out or hurting you. Your friends and family will look at you in a different way, because your Dream Smile will make you feel different about yourself, your confidence will shine, your new smile will look and feel natural, you will even feel younger.

DENTALMED Associates;


There are many benefits associated with Dental Implants:

  1. Preservation of bone
  2. Prevents premature aging as the face those not have a sunken appearance
  3. There are no restrictions of the diet, you get more nutrients from the food
  1. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you have better support of your oral tissues
  2. Your jaw joints are not constantly under stress, no pain!
  3. Your ability to speak is not affected
  4. No glues, chemicals on your gums

Who is a candidate for Dental Implants?

Anyone is a candidate for dental implants if they have stopped growing. We will take the appropriate x-rays (CBCT) to determine if we must do bone grafting procedures (sinus lifts, cortical bone grafts, socket preservation, custom milled bone blocks) to create the bone for implants to be placed and where to placed them. At DENTALMED Associates we work with very complex cases and we have more than 49 years of combined experience with all Surgical and Restorative techniques, We truly care for our patients and our reviews speak for themselves. DENTALMED Associates is the most experienced office in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We work with patients of all ages and are committed to provide you with the best dental implants in Florida!

If you want to restore your smile to a Dream Smile that will boost your confidence, then consider DENTALMED Associates Implants today, don’t wait any longer come for a consultation.